National Poultry Club Results

Stoneleigh National Poultry Club Show 20-21 November 2010.

Regional Cochin Show Results

Buff Male:                 1. Elaine Oliver
2. D.A Thomas

Buff Female:             1. R.J.Bett
2. Elaine Oliver
3. J.Killeen
4. Linda Judge

White Male:                1. A.J. Marshall
2. R.L. Jones

White Female:             1. A.J. Marshall

Black Male:                 1. A.J. Marshall
2. Dorinda Fontana
3. Linda Judge

Black Female:            1. AJ Marshall
2. Elaine Oliver
3. Linda Judge

Blue Male :                 1. P.E Gooding

Blue Female:                1. P.Morgan
2. P.E. Gooding
3. R.L. Jones

Partridge Male:             1. D.A. Thomas
2. P.Morgan

Partridge Female:             1 A.J. Marshall

Cuckoo Male:             1. Dorinda Fontana
2. A.J. Marshall

Cuckoo Female:             1. Elaine Oliver
2. A.J. Marshall
3. Dorinda Fontana

2010 Bred Male:              1. R.L. Jones
2. Dorinda Fontana
3. Patricia Swandel

2010 Bred Female:             1. R.L. Jones
2. Patricia Swandel
3  Rachel Seymour
4: Dorinda Fontana

Non Standard M/F:          1. Elaine Oliver

Non Standard Frizzle M/F:     1. Elaine Oliver


Best Buff:             R.Bett
Best Black:             A.J. Marshall
Best Blue:             P.Gooding
Best White:             A.J. Marshall
Best Cuckoo:         Elaine Oliver
Best Partridge:         A.J. Marshall
Best Non Standard :     Elaine Oliver

Regional Show Champion: A.J. Marshall – Black Hen
Reserve Show Champion:    Elaine Oliver Cuckoo Hen
Best Opposite Sex:     A.J. Marshall White Cock
Best 2010 Bred:         R.Jones Black Pullet

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