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Club President Peter Heywood


to the Cochin Club

I have been President of the Cochin Club for the past 18 years. During this time the Cochin has found me many friends from many different walks of life.

I first kept Cochins in the 1960s. They have given me enormous pleasure during this past 45 years, so anyone who keeps the wonderful bird called the “Cochin” will always be someone very special to me.

Good luck and keep breeding Cochin and you will have friends world-wide.

President, Cochin Club

6 Responses to About Us

  1. Jennifer says:

    I live in Ayrshire I have kept verious types of chickens for pets in the past but I am keen to keep cochens large standard breeds. My friend had one that she had been given ,this is when i first saw touched and became aware of the temprement of the bird. I have tryed to find breeders in my area ,but as yet have had no main sucess. I am only looking for 2 and maybe a cockeral as it will be for pets .They dont need to be show quality just healthy and looking for a good home . I am not in a rush at the moment as am preparing accomodation ect for them, and am keen to find out as much about them as i can . especially with the feathers on the feet ect area that they may roam in the garden will need to be thought out for them . so after all that twitering on . My question is do you know of any area near Ayrshire in scotland that has them , I can travel as far as Glasgow Or Lanark if need be . Thankyou and any advice from you would be greatly appretiated.

    • Dorinda Fontana says:

      Hi, I’m in scotland about 30 mins from Lanark, I’ve no birds for sale at the moment, but first hatchings are due on Saturday – feel free to contact me and come and have a look -

      • Dorinda Fontana says:

        I forgot to add – I’ll be at the Ayr show which if I remember rightly is in May – there was a very good Cochin turn out there last year

      • Lindsey Tattersall says:

        Hi Dorinda

        I’m looking for a blue cockerel. Might you have one? I’m in Dumfries and Galloway.



  2. Naomi Smith says:

    My daughter and I entered our first show today Lichfield District and are so pleased to say we won First and Third for our Blue Cochins in the Juvenille LSF class. There will be no stopping us now and this was the great insperation and boost we needed. It would of been lovely to see more Cochins there and next time we will enter the Cochin class rather than juvenille. Good luck to all the Cochin lovers this is a breed which takes so much hard work, which many people dont appreciate.

  3. Karen Braden says:

    I Have 3 cochin hens which are 19 weeks old. Two partridge and a black.
    I know cochins are slower to mature but at what age should i feed them layers pellets they are on growers at the moment.
    They are lovely friendly hens and roam around the garden together and are so comical to watch we get great enjoyment from them.


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